1. What is it?

A weekly evening pub crawl/nightlife tour to selected Hong Kong bars, ending in a club, with big discounted drink deals.


2. When is the Crawl?

We run once a week on a Thursday night.


3. Where do I meet?

Super easy. Just show up at either of the two meetup options, check it out here.


4. Do I need to book?

Booking is not compulsory. You are welcome to just show up on the night. If you want to book in advance, you can do so here up to 12pm on the day of the crawl.


5. How do I pay?

Either pay online in advance, or cash on the night. We don’t collect the money until bar #2 so you have an hour to decide if you want to join us for the night.


6. Is there a dress code?

Within reason, anything is suitable. We ask guys to not wear short or flip-flops to avoid problems at our final club.


7. Do I need to bring ID?

If you look underage then better to be safe than sorry.


8. How many people normally attend?

Our crowd size varies each week, averaging 60-90 most weeks. Our current record is 240 people and waiting to be beaten!


9. How can I get a T-shirt?

Buy one online, or buy one on the night.


10. What does the Chinese on your T-shirt say?

“香港蒲吧黨”  translates as “hoeng1 gong2 pou4 baa1 dong2” or more simply: group of friends who like to hang out and cruise around having some drinks. It’s based on a Cantonese ‘slang’ phrase (Cheers Franky!)


11. What if it rains?

We run the crawl, rain, hail or shine. Even in typhoons.


12. Can I check any reviews or pictures?

Sure thing, read all the online reviews here, or all of our old albums here.


13. What is the junk boat party?

Currently we hire out our party junk only for group bookings, so you need to hire out the whole boat. Check out all the information here.