Regular Crawls

All you need to know about Hong Kong's #1 Nightlife Attraction

  1. What is the Hong Kong Pub Crawl? Hong Kong Pub Crawl is a nightlife events provider. Our events are synonymous with fun, off-the-beaten track venues, excellent drink deals, and meeting folks from all over the world. We are most well-known for our signature Pub Crawl in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s famous (infamous?) bar district. We started the LKF crawl in 2010, and have run it every Thursday since. In 2016, we also started a crawl in collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey Club on Wednesdays, where we showcase the iconic horse races in Happy Valley, followed by a pub crawl in the Wan Chai district.

  2. When do you offer crawls? We currently have two crawls on offer. Our signature LKF Pub Crawl runs every Thursday, starting at 9pm. Our Horse Races Crawl runs on Wednesdays, but only when the HKJC organizes horse races at the Happy Valley. Check in here for available dates. We also organize private crawls for large groups. Find out more here.

  3. How much does it cost to join? All our tours are HKD 100 to join (and have been so since 2010!)

  4. What do I get joining your crawls?
    • A team of experienced crawl masters hosting you
    • Professional photographer to record your epic night out
    • Free welcome shot at every bar
    • Standard drink deals at all participating bar venues: $40 for 2 beers, $30 cocktails
    • Free entry into night club (Thursday LKF Crawl Highlight)
    • Free betting guidebook plus tutorial (Wednesday Horse Races Crawl Only)
    • Free entry into HKJC Happy Valley Race Course (Wednesday Horse Races Crawl Only)
    • 1 free beer voucher usable at the HKJC (valued at $50HKD) (Wednesday Horse Races Crawl Only)

  5. Do you offer discounts? Check in on our website every now and then for promo codes for discounts on crawls and merchandise!

  6. Who is this event for? We welcome people from all walks of life, whether you’re a backpacker, exchange student, local, lone-traveler, you name it.

  7. Why should I join?
    • Value for money (to put in perspective, a typical bar in LKF sells cocktails and beers for 3-4 times the prices on our tours, and clubs usually charge an “entrance” fee - come with us and its free!)
    • Meet friends from all over the world
    • Experience iconic Hong Kong activities (LKF and Horse Races)
    • Have your epic night out photographed

  8. What’s the itinerary for the night, and which bars do you go to? In general, we stay at each bar for just shy of 1 hour (allowing time to travel from bar to bar). Our policy is to NOT disclose the bars that we attend until the night of the crawl to encourage all guests to be on time and arrive before we head off to the second bar. Each bar is specially hand-picked by our team, is off-the-beaten-track, and we rotate between a large roster of bars each week.

  9. Where do I meet for the crawls? Read all you need to know on starting locations and itineraries on our booking pages for the Thursday LKF Crawl, and the Wednesday Horse Races Crawl.

  10. Wasn’t there an 8pm roof-top start option for Thursdays? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Hong Kong Pub Crawl used to pick up guests at 8pm, on the IFC Rooftop, which was in time for the ICC Lightshows. We no longer do that as guests prefer staying later on at night so they can experience clubbing at the final Nightclub, the highlight of our Thursday LKF Crawls. Guests are still welcome to meet there if they’re early to check out the light show but should make their own way to the first bar afterwards. The drinks there are expensive, you've been warned!

  11. What if I’m late and you’ve moved on to the next bar? Do try your best to be on time – sometimes our bars are in really tucked away places and super hard to find. However, if you really can’t help yourself, shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll either send you the location of our next bar or try our best to come pick you up.

  12. Can you take us to the first bar from my hostel? We arrange pick-ups from most of the leading hostels in Hong Kong to the first bars of our tours. Do ask your hostel if they have this service and if not they should get in touch with us on

  13. Do I need to book? Booking is not compulsory, and you’re welcome to show up and pay at our first bar. However, we encourage all guests to book online so we have a better indication of numbers. Plus, we have discount promo codes for various promotions we have running. Our tickets are also available for sale from most of the leading hostels in Hong Kong, so if you’re staying in a hostel, check in to see if you can just get tickets there if not they should get in touch with us on

  14. How do I pay? Either pay online, or with cash on the night. If you’re reading this you may as well book online as the entire process will take you less than 5 minutes, and comes with an e-mail containing helpful info. Save your cash for the drinks!

  15. Is there a dress code? Within reason, anything is suitable. We ask guys to not wear shorts or flip-flops to avoid problems at our final club.

  16. Do I need to bring ID? Yes, absolutely.

  17. How many people normally attend? Our crowd size varies each week, averaging 70-120 most weeks on Thursdays, and 30 – 60 on Wednesdays. Our current record is 250 people and waiting to be beaten!

  18. What if it rains? We run the Thursday crawl, rain, hail or shine. Even in typhoons. For Wednesdays we follow policies of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

  19. Can I check any reviews or pictures? Check out some reviews here, or the albums from some of our past events here.

  20. Can I get a refund? We have a strict no refund policy due to third-party transaction complications. However, customers are more than welcome to transfer their voucher for use at a future crawl. If you would like to transfer your voucher, please contact us on Facebook